As solo Vocalist and performer

Mathieu Gauss is a vocalist and performer. He's been singing since 2007 as solo vocalist and is a former classical singer.  He has a large and elaborated repertoire. Gauss is singing songs from the Jazz, Blues, Pop/Rock and classical register. Mathieu Gauss sang and performed in front of an audience, on small and bigger stages, in Switzerland and in London.  He got booked for gigs and events like weddings, birthday parties and cocktails.  He studied classical singing in Switzerland at the Music Conservatory of Fribourg and popular music in London at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Has been actively collaborating with different musicians and bands in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom.  

The Vocalist

Styles and techniques

As former classical singer, Mathieu Gauss learnt all techniques of the classical and opera singers. In the 8 years of Singing, he used and studied different styles and techniques.

He actually studied during eight years classical singing and he decided to elaborate and expand his repertoire with more popular music, he took singing lessons in London.

England gave him the chance to learn more about other music styles & singing techniques and also gave him a huge opportunity to perform in and around London.


Now, he's covering songs from a very varied repertoire and can perform a song from practically every style, but he's mainly singing songs from the Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock/Pop and Chanson repertoire. 

Exemples of a large repertoire:

classical repertoire....
Verdi, Schubert, Scarlatti, Fauré, Britten, Bocceli, Vaccai etc...

popular music repertoire....
Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday, Louis Armstrong, Michael Bublé, Louis Prima, Jeff Buckley, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Edith Piaf, Patrick Bruel, Queen, Pickett, Beatles, Gary Moore, Elton John, Charles Aznavour etc.